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Advertising your Bar/Restaurant on is free and easy,  just follow the instruction below and your pictures and info will be online in minutes.

You will need to choose a username and password at the
"List Your Bar" link below



After choosing a user name and password you will need to go back to the
front page and click on the login link and enter your username and password.

Logging in will take you to the Listing Editor. Choose the 'add' button at
the bottom right, which will take you to where you will enter your Company

If you are not using pictures at this time, hit the 'save' button once you have
entered your Bar/Restaurant information, and your ad will be uploaded to our
web site without photos. All ads require a photo so be sure to add one within
30 days or your ad will be removed.

To add pictures, hit the 'upload' button above the 'save'
button instead, and a new page will open with 10 boxes, with a 'browse'
button next to each box. Clicking on a 'browse' button will open a window
to your hard drive, where you can find the image you want to use, highlight
it, and click save. Repeat this process for each picture (up to 10) you
want to use. Once you have selected all your pictures, hit 'upload.' You
should now see your pictures with a text box next to each. Assign a name
for each, and hit 'save.' This will bring you back to the Listing Editor.
At the bottom, you will see Preview and Image 1-9. Use the dropdown boxes
to assign a picture to each slot. Hit 'save' and your listing will be
uploaded to our web site with photos.

If you have any question or need help loading pictures you can e-mail us at

Click here to  List Your Bar on





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