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The Yardarm Restaurant


Address: 48 Rte 28
The Yardarm Restaurant (Orleans)


On any given day, a visitor will find the tables populated with grandmothers taking their granddaughters out for a birthday lunch, sitting next to plumbers and carpenters trying to get some protein and carbohydrates before they return to work, climbing back on a roof, or crawling under a foundation. Local lawyers, during lunch recess from Orleans District Court, often fill up a corner table, continuing discussion of legal issues over their soups and sandwiches. Retired Boston politicians and local selectmen frequent the Yardarm; on a given day, the restaurant probably has the highest percentage of local Cape Cod people than any place on the Lower Cape, and summer visitors and weekenders enjoy mingling with the locals, both at the bar and in the dining room. Up at the bar, the local fishermen stop for a beer after selling their fish at the back door of the Yardarm kitchen. When you see fishermen's trucks parked at the restaurant, that's the most important statement about the freshness of the fish, no matter what the menu says. For years, The Yardarm has also been a gathering place for local writers and journalists. Many published stories in Cape Cod newspapers have featured true accounts of some of the diverse and interesting things that have transpired within the four walls of this small but giant place. The daily "whiteboard" specials for both lunch and dinner list a dozen or so daily offerings ranging from Cajun chicken gumbo to Hungarian goulash, from local fish and chips to traditional Portuguese kale soup or New England meatloaf and clam chowder. Steak night offers a range of beef including prime rib, delmonico steak, New York sirloin, or first quality beef burger specials. The Yardarm is the only local restaurant to have old New England fishermen's special, codfish cheeks, on the special board. (Many people don't even know what codfish cheeks are.) In between these offerings, one can find Italian, Chinese, Mexican and German specialties sprinkled around the specials board on a regular basis. For the past 31 years, restaurateur John Sully has run the Yardarm as a local year-round attraction, welcoming the many summer people who return year after year to their favorite Cape Cod restaurant. He has worked every facet of the business, making soups, cooking entrees, mopping the floor, tending bar and washing dishes. He is a hands-on guy. He and his wife Jayne are present and working every day, and it would be hard to visit the Yardarm without having a chance to say Hello to either of them as they scurry about, clearing tables, seating patrons, or just chatting as they move from table to table, greeting people. Stop in and pick up some of the local ambience, and some of the best values for the best food on Cape Cod. As soon as you sit down, you'll feel like you're visiting a place run by some friends of your family. And, like the man said, you'll feel like you're in an authentic European pub.

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